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Welcome Message from the Ambassador

H.E. Mr. Jaffalie Mussa, Ambassador of the Republic of Malawi. 

Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Malawi in Kuwait. The purpose of this website is to provide information on services the Embassy offers and various aspects of the Government of the Republic of Malawi with a view to enhance mutual understanding.

The Embassy of the Republic of Malawi works to promote and strengthen Malawi's bilateral relations with the State of Kuwait and other countries it is accredited to on non-residential basis. These countries include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Pakistan, Oman and Yemen. 

We endeavor to stimulate trade, investment and tourism, mobilize development assistance and humanitarian aid in addition to providing consular services to those planning to visit Malawi, popularly known as the "Warm Heart of Africa". 

Malawi offers both unique touristic sites and investment opportunities. For those interested to travel to Malawi, a visa is a prerequisite and application forms can be downloaded from this website and submitted to the Embassy with other relevant documents. 

Our Mission also offers information and assistance to Malawians in Diaspora and encourages them to actively participate in developing Malawi. In this regard, we would like to request all Malawians resident in Kuwait and the other accredited countries already mentioned, to register with the Embassy through this website or physically visit the Mission. 

We believe that you will find this website useful and that you will be motivated to engage Malawi either for business or pleasure. We will be glad to respond to any inquiries. We also welcome your views, suggestions and ideas on how this website can be improved. 
So feel free to write us on: 
Once again, welcome!

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